Virtuoso Homepage Prototype & A/B Test

By directly stating what we do and updating the look and feel, this design cut bounce rate by 13%.


Our site has many user types, but the homepage content is geared specifically towards consumers new to the brand.

User's Goal

Within a few seconds, determine whether or not this website has something the user needs.

Business Goal

Improve lead generation, time on site, and create a more visually appealing homepage fitting for a luxury travel site.


After defining goals and identifying issues on the existing site, each member of the 3-person UX team did sketches and a wireframe to review together. View My Concept.


  • Focus on content and tell a story.
  • Design the page around one very clear goal: connecting consumers to a travel advisor.
  • Provide a primary path for new users which succinctly lays out the process and key benefits of working with a travel advisor. A secondary "browse advisors" CTA leads to the advisor catalog.
  • Promote real user stories to give an authentic, first-person perspective.
  • Weave the value of the travel advisor throughout the layout while keeping the focus on what the consumer gets.

Homepage A
  • Hero content is vague. User knows the site has something to do with travel, but it's not clear what.
  • "Where Would You Like to Go" search box gets lost in the hero image. Is finding a destination the primary goal of the page?
  • Image of travel advisors feels stock. Group images are less engaging.
  • Layout relies on the user clicking images and lacks clear button CTAs. User is unclear where to go.
Homepage B
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A/B Test Results

Homepage B was the clear winner in the 32-day test:

  • Decreased bounce rate by 13% for new users and 7% for returning users.
  • Significantly increased the number of pages per session, as well as the number of views into our lead generation flow and hotel, cruise, and tour product pages.
  • Increased session duration by more than two minutes.

My Role

  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Flows
  • Visual Design
  • Prototypes
  • Interaction Design
  • Copywriting