Hotel Product Page Redesign

Migrating the Hotels product from another application enabled us to test user-centered designs.
My initial proposal for the hotel page redesign


Travel advisors finding hotels for their clients, or consumers doing research on their own.

User’s Goal

Skim available hotel details to determine if this property is right for them.

Business Goal

Redesign top of page to accommodate new hotel experience categories (such as “beach” or “adventure”).

User Testing

We tested three layouts: Design A (tabbed interface), Design B (a later iteration of my concept) and Design C (the original).

To test usability, we gave participants tasks leading them to interact with elements on the page so we could observe their ease in locating and using the controls.


Users found the slideshow arrows to be too subtle, and didn't find value in the new "hotel vibe" attribute. Overall, Design B had the highest rating when users were asked which design they preferred, and which design would encourage them to connect to a travel advisor. They also commented on ease of locating the map in Design B.

My Role

  • Competitive Analysis
  • UI & Visual Design
  • High Fidelity Prototyping
DESIGN A: Tabbed design, created by another designer on the team
DESIGN B: My Design
DESIGN C: Existing Design