Email Newsletter Redesign

Mobile view of redesigned newsletter
A flexible, mobile-friendly layout breathed new life into this monthly email.


Data was the driver. Several popular email marketing companies publish best practices and research based off their users' behaviors. Utilizing this information, as well as the analytics we collected from our own newsletter subscribers (like average opens, click throughs and subscriber demographics), I compiled a report of new best practices, including:

  • Recommended average blurb length
  • Ideal sizes for touch-friendly links
  • Best body width for viewing emails on mobile
  • Optimal sending days/times

From a visual standpoint, the original template needed refreshed styling to modernize the feel and better represent The University of Texas at Austin brand.

original newsletter template


wireframe of original template
  • No real lead image/story option
  • Images feel too small
  • Lacks strong type treatment
  • No obvious tie to The University of Texas at Austin
  • Lacks flexibility for new types of content


wireframe of redesigned template
  • Updated typography, color palette and multi-column layout modernize the look and feel
  • A true feature slot highlights the top news story with a large image and bolder headline and copy treatment
  • All blurbs are shortened, creating more skimmable content
  • Depending on content needs, new flexible "boxes" (towards bottom of layout) can add two pieces of highlighted content, one full-width box for content, or be removed altogether
  • Streamlined social media highlights our most important channels, while larger buttons allow for easier tapping on mobile
  • A stronger UT Austin presence is added through more burnt orange and a bolder logo at the footer

Final layout

final redesigned newsletter

My Role

  • Research/Analytics
  • Visual & UI Design