Cruise Ship Migration

Existing cruise ship pages were disconnected, dated, and lacked helpful content.


Travel advisors and consumers researching cruises on our website

User's Goal

Find the key features of the ship and find sailings available on the vessel


Existing Design

  • This page appeared as a modal showing content from an external site.
  • Look and feel is very disconnected from the main website.
  • Navigation text has low contrast against background color.
  • Design is dated, lacks proper spacing and places the legend at the bottom of the page, which on larger ships, puts it out of sight.

New Design

  • After reviewing multiple leading cruise line sites, plus cruise search sites, I compiled a competitive analysis of key features advertised for ships.
  • A new top section shows large photos, and highlights key features from each ship for helpful at-a-glance information.
  • I worked with developers to incorporate the data into our site so users can see all content at once.
  • A new call-to-action leads users to upcoming sailings on the ship.
  • Legend is moved up on the page to be easily referenced while scanning the ship map.
  • Look and feel is modernized.

My Role

  • Competitive Analysis
  • UI & Visual Design
  • Prototypes